Our partner Atlas Leadership Academy sponsored Central Asia Free Market Institute (CAFMI) to attend the Asia Liberty Forum and the Asia Think Tank Start Up Training, held in Kuala Lumpur from the 18th — 20th February. The Asia Liberty Forum brought together friends of the freedom movement across Asia to discuss challenges facing the region and to learn from one another how to the most effectively advance free market reforms.

Atlas Scholar Bermet Malikova reports:

«We learnt of the great challenges our new friends had overcome in their mission to advance liberty in their own towns and countries, freedoms that myself and many other members of developed nations often take for granted. These plights ranged from the challenge of promoting libertarian ideas in Muslim nations. We also learnt about how free market initiatives are being used to conquer poverty, by ensuring foreign aid does not encumber local business owners and by encouraging rural farmers to invest and innovate by granting them reliable property rights. These lessons opened my mind to the idea of liberalism as more than just a Western movement, but a global ideal, and highlighted the importance of supporting the freedom movement in places where liberty is most at risk.

I am truly grateful to everyone involved in the conference for the knowledge and networks I gained, and especially grateful to Atlas Network for providing me with this enriching experience».


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