CAFMI is ranked one of the TOP-30 think tanks in all over the world by special achievement for the Best Advocacy Campaigns. The 2012 Global Go-TO Think Tanks index had launched on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at the World Bank in Washington DC and in New York at the United Nations Building.

The index, commissioned by the University of Pennsylvania is the result of an international survey of over 1,950 scholars, public and private donors, policy makers, and journalists who helped rank over 6,500 think tanks using a set of 18 criteria. The purpose of the rankings is to help improve the profile and performance of think tanks while highlighting the important work they do for governments and civil societies around the world.

CAFMI is in top five advocacy campaigners in Continent of Asia, and emerged to third position after Qatar Foundation and Economic Research Center from Azerbaijan respectively positioned first and second.

Mirsuljan Namazaliev, CAFMI’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, in the celebration ceremony on this extraordinary achievement appreciated valuable efforts of the CAFMI’s colleagues, and he added: “I am very happy to know that CAFMI was put among prestigious advocacy think-tanks, and is TOP 30 in the world. I am sure that we will become one of the leading think-tanks of Asia and Europe in the near future”.

Professor Talaibek Koichumanov, Head of the Secretariat of Investment Council under the  Government of Kyrgyz Republic has been a reader of CAFMI’s publications for the last years and he reassures on high quality output of the Institute; both on effectiveness and relevancy to the need of the society based on free market perspective.

“I’ve been following all publications of CAFMI recent years. Thus, I fully agree with the results of the global ranking. Long-term commitment to ideas of free market in Kyrgyzstan, desire for responding to hot issues of society – those are special features and characteristics of CAFMI”, – said Mr.Koichumanov.

In addition to CAFMI’s remarkable achievements since establishment in 2009 and this fabulous global ranking, other Kyrgyz Republic think-tank entities outstanding achievements in the Global Ranking 2012 were eye-catching as well. Foundation for Tolerance International is ranked 34 among top 40 think tanks in Asia. Furthermore, Center for Public Policy (TzOT) and Education Initiatives Support Foundation are in the list of 50 top education policy think tanks. Overall, the Global Think-Tank Index recognizes only 10 think tanks from Kyrgyzstan, and only 4 institutions were valued to be among World’s tops.

This Global Ranking defines think tanks as those that generate policy-oriented research, analysis, and advice on domestic and international issues in an effort to enable policymakers and the public to make informed decisions about public policy issues. More information can be found at:

CAFMI – is the Central Asian Free Market Institute, an independent think-tank that promoted principles of free market, rule of law and minimal government through research, education and promoting reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic.

CAFMI, January 28, 2013

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic


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