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I turned off the lights at 2am Friday and prayed that when I woke up property rights and the rule of law would be secure. That may sound like an odd to some people, but the very future of my country, the Kyrgyz Republic, hangs on the answer to my prayer.

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We often hear a saying "you get free cheese only in a mousetrap" implying that nothing is free on the earth. However, under the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic we are entitled to free primary and secondary education. What should we...

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Article for The Independent, Uk: The central Asian state of Kyrgyzstan was in complete chaos last night as the President fled the capital after violent clashes between police and protesters left up to 100 dead. The city of Bishkek saw anarchy as mobs overran riot police, seized their weapons and stormed government buildings.

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Twenty years ago the Berlin Wall tumbled. As the symbol of the Iron Curtain that had separated an entire continent, the end of the Wall is often seen as something distinctly European. But the Berlin Wall’s history is multifaceted and...