These books answer the tough questions about taxes in plain and understandable language. They will help everyone to learn and practice the complex tax ​​laws in the Kyrgyz Republic. You can also get tips on how to legally pay less taxes.

We have published two books, the first book is intended for entrepreneurs operating on the basis of a patent. The second book is designed for individuals and citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, obliged to pass a single tax return.
The books are compatible with the latest changes in the tax law. The structure and content of the books thoroughly thought through to ensure maximum comfort and easiness.
With the support of CAFMI’s partners, “Taxes 2012 for Dummies” are distributed for free to everybody.
  • Taxes for Dummies 2012 (First book, in Russian) – 17.38 mb.
  • Taxes for Dummies 2012 (Second Book, in Russian) – 13.63 mb.

CAFMI, June 2, 2012

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic




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