This study describes the state of the tourism industry in Kyrgyzstan, examines the views of foreign and domestic tourists regarding tourism products offered in the country. Participants in the survey share ideas, opinions on how to develop the industry. They also note the pressing issues faced by tourists.

The research also aims to study the profile of the average provider of travel services, its activities, the range of travel services. Providers of tourist services are divided into the problems that they face, indicate barriers, offer solutions to problems, the vision of development of the whole industry in the country.
The study discusses various aspects of the tourism industry raising policy issues, the development of tourism infrastructure, human resources, the relationship of the local population with foreign tourists, the use of innovative approaches in the development of the industry, etc.
A comparative analysis of the tourism industry in Kyrgyzstan and foremost tourist countries in the world is also provided. The survey takes the strengths of the best holiday destinations in the world, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and analyzes whether their experience can be applied for Kyrgyzstan.
The study provides conclusions and recommendations to state agencies responsible for the tourism industry.

The full Russian text of the results of the research is available here.

CAFMI, February 10, 2013 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic




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